Have you had enough with your lawn yet?   There are a few basic fall lawn care tips that will ensure a healthy lawn next spring.


1. Keep Mowing — continue to mow your lawn for as long as it is growing. Growth may slow down as temperatures and available daylight fall, but you should still continue to mow.

2. Spot Seed — grass seed germinates well in the fall. Mix some seed with potting soil and cover bare areas. Keep damp until seeds germinate.

3. Fertilize — fall fertilization is critical. If your lawn is looking good it’s because you’ve had it treated it all along. Don’t skip treatments just because things look okay.

4. Aerate — this is the single best thing you can do for your lawn. Aeration allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots. It breaks up compacted soil and it cuts through thick thatch. Your lawn will thank you.

Lawn care is like anything else in that it’s a continuous and ongoing process. Your lawn may look great now and that is a good thing.   But you need to continue to do the things that got it looking that way in the first place.

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