Happy Holidays from the Lawnmark Plus Family

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At Lawnmark Plus, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for allowing us to work on your lawn. We know that you trust us to provide you with the best optimized and organic lawn care in the region.

And we take your trust very seriously.

We hope that you’re satisfied with Lawnmark Plus’s optimized or organic lawn care. Have we convinced you that you can use fewer chemicals and still achieve a beautiful lawn?

If you’re not satisfied with the state of your lawn, please let us know right away.

Winter 2017-2018

As the snow falls and the temperatures drop, rest assured that your yard grass is dormant and will sleep through the winter season. In the spring, when the snow finally melts, your lawn grass will rebound into a deep, healthy green because of the treatments you invested in throughout the entire growing season of 2017.

The fertilization, core aeration, overseeding, lime applications, as well as all of the other soil amendments applied to your Merrimack  or New Boston lawn helps your grass roots go deep to tap into moisture and nutrition that’s underground. Plus, the soil on your property should be in optimum health since we applied the necessary nutrients to promote a vigorous soil life.

If you’re new to organic lawn care or hiring an environmentally conscious lawn service, read our blog post on the topic.

And if you haven’t invested in organic lawn care, what’s holding you back?

Science has shown that healthy soil promotes a healthy lawn. And less synthetic chemicals on your lawn means your soil will be able to rejuvenate itself and move toward a loamy state.

When the soil gets the right nutrients to grow grass, the critters underground multiply and work to create a soil that’s perfect for plant growth. It’s like the soil you see when you walk in the woods—dark, moist, and smells like the forest.

And don’t forget that our BeeSafe products are designed to protect our environment from synthetic chemicals that hurt pollinators and people.

Listen to this webinar to learn the nine mistakes NOT to make when hiring an organic lawn care company.

So, it’s a win-win for you. Not only do you get a healthy lawn, but you’re also protecting the wildlife that contributes to our food web and keeps harmful insects away.

In this holiday season, relax and enjoy your family and friends. We’ll be in touch in early spring when it’s time to work on your lawn. In the meantime Season’s Greetings and we wish you a prosperous New Year.

If you’re new to Lawnmark Plus, please visit our website, call us at 603-262-1215, or fill out our contact form. Our goal is to provide New Hampshire and Massachusetts with the best organic lawn care in New England.

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