You may have noticed over the last few weeks we have been pushing our compost topdressing service more than we typically push any of our add on services.

The reasons why adding compost to any crop, be it turfgrass or turnips, are so vast that sometimes they are hard to articulate in just a few paragraphs.  Humus is essentially the life blood of all soil and thus all crops and living things.  Unfortunately with the way we handle our agriculture nowadays (lawns or lettuce) we have managed to destroy much of the organic matter in soil.  Through things like acid rain, chlorine in fertilizers and chemicals in pesticides we’ve essentially rendered much of our soil useless.

As horrifying and lazy as this acronym is, I’m afraid that it does a very nice job at conveying the benefits of compost when it is added to your blue grass or blueberries.

Lady’s and gentleman I give you…………………cringe……………


D isease suppression —  compost has a healing effect on plants and a cleansing action on soils.

I ncreases plant yield.

P orosity increased in the soil-has more air voids than typical soils.

N utrient retention — magnetic charge from organic matter holds nutrients longer.

C ompaction reduction — it makes soil spongy and enables it to spring back.

H elps reduce dependence on chemicals — promotes healthier plants.

E rosion reduced-disperses the force of raindrops.

W ater retention increased — like a sponge holding water.

Beyond these, high quality compost:

  • Increases soil fertility and soil digestion
  • Increases microbial activity and organic matter content of soil
  • Provides high humus levels
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Alters soil to have a positive effect against insects and pests
  • Improves buffering capacity (neutralizes pH in the soil)
  • Neutralizes harmful compounds
  • Converts and stores excess nutrients in a plant-friendly manner
  • Reduces leaching
  • Infiltration of water is improved

We’ve temporarily reduced the price of our compost by 25% in hopes that more of you will allow us to provide it as a service to your lawn.  The compost that we use is a special blend that we have shipped in from Texas because of the clean nature and super processing.

We hope you will consider it!!!



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