Enjoy the Outdoors Safely Again

Nothing can spoil outdoor fun faster than constantly swatting away biting mosquitoes or the risk of a tick-borne illness. Especially in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, ticks and mosquitoes are associated with a wide range of serious diseases.

The solution is not to retreat indoors. It is to take preventive action through an organic spraying program.

Targeted and timely spraying both reduces insect populations and serves as a repellent. Minimizing standing water, leaf piles and other favorite gathering spots for ticks and mosquitoes will help as well!

Our Tick & Mosquito Packages

Tick Control Program

  • Includes 6 applications spaced throughout the season

  • We guarantee it with free service calls

  • Treated with cedar, garlic and other natural oils, all natural

  • With this program we strictly treat the turf

Tick & Mosquito Program

  • Includes 8 applications spaced throughout the season

  • We guarantee it with free service calls

  • Treated with cedar, garlic and other natural oils, and all natural

  • With this program we treat the turf and use a fogger to treat the perimeter

BeeSafe® for Tick & Mosquito Control

Cedar and a few other natural oils contain compounds that affect the sensory receptors of insects so they stay away. The oils smell good to humans and the scent quickly dissipates in about a day, but they continue to work as a barrier to ticks, mosquitoes, black flies and other insects. Our concentrated cedar oil is completely non-toxic and is not harmful to bees. Garlic can also be added to our cedar treatment for an extra level of protection (note: the smell can initially be unpleasant, but dissipates quickly.)

Our BeeSafe® Cedar Treatment service creates a barrier on the ground, in the trees, along your foundation, and along your property lines to protect you from nuisance insects.

The BeeSafe® Program

Our BeeSafe® program is designed to eliminate all ticks in and around your lawn and set up a barrier that prevents them from travelling from wooded areas towards your house. The program includes eight visits to your home by technicians trained and licensed in the proprietary, organic BeeSafe® product. You receive two treatments in the spring, two treatments in the fall, and four treatments during the summer when ticks and mosquitoes are most active.

The areas we treat are:

  • On the ground on your lawn and landscape beds
  • Around foundation plantings

  • Along wood lines

  • In the air around ornamentals and trees

Special Event Spraying

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding reception, birthday party, family reunion, or other special celebration, the last thing you want to worry about is ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies.  Our special event sprays will keep these insects away so that you and your guests can enjoy the day or evening.

Before the big day, we will spray the entire site with a pleasant-smelling* organic control and repellent.  We will create a barrier around the area where your party is being held and apply a very concentrated amount of product in and around the area where guests gather and food is served.

*Most people find the natural smells pleasant. Some people do not enjoy the smell of the cedar & garlic oils.