You may have noticed that during the second treatment of the year we took a soil pH test using a portable electronic device.  (or maybe you didn’t)  If you aren’t familiar with the importance of having a soil that is relatively neutral in terms of pH and you care about how your lawn looks…………..keep reading!!!  The pH of your lawn plays a major role in the success of your lawn!!!

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken chemistry, let me explain. pH is a measurement of how acidic or alkali a substance is, and rates substances on a scale from 0 to 14 . For example, vinegar, lemon juice, and soda are all common acids which are known as being acidic. On a pH scale, these substances would have a rating lower than 7.

Our soils here in the north east generally fall into that category too!  There are varying reasons as to why and most people will tell you it’s because of all the pine trees that surround our lawns.  Others will tell you that it has to do with acid rain coming in from the more industrial sections of our country to the west.  Whatever the reason, our soils tend to be very acidic and that’s not great for our lawns.

If your soil is acidic we would like to apply lime to your lawn to help neutralize the soil.  A neutral soil is the best possible environment for the soil food web that we are so often trying to improve.

Here are a few other reasons why applying lime to your lawn is important.


Lime Neutralizes the Acid in Your Soil

If your soil is extremely acidic (low pH) the products we apply to your lawn don’t work as well.  For instance, herbicides are neutralized by the acidity in the soil.  Fertilizers become unavailable to the turf because the nutrients are locked up in the soil particles.  It’s like your paying for a lawn care program that is only partially functional.

Adding lime improves nutrient absorption.

Plants absorb nutrients from the soil, but high acidity levels can interfere with the process.  Your soil is generally chock full of potassium, calcium and other micro nutrients.  But perhaps the most important reason to unlock these nutrients is phosphorus.  It is illegal in NH and MA now to apply phosphorus to lawns and we can tell the difference since the change was made.  Your soil has a lot of phosphorus locked up in it………….a neutral pH unlocks the phosphorus and the roots of your lawn love it!!!!

Clean your Soil!!!

High acidity leads to the buildup of aluminum and manganese in the soil.   While with a low pH your grass is incapable of absorbing nutrients, too much aluminum can prevent root systems from growing.  An excess of magnesium, on the other hand, leads to stunted growth and discoloration. Adding lime to the soil improves the grasses ability to absorb these and other elements, allowing them to better process toxins and leading to healthier overall growth.

Lime just makes everything better!


Lime does so many really important things to your lawn that it just makes sense to pay attention to the pH of your soil.  This is the reason we test every single one of your lawns, every single year. If your soil is neutral or at least heading in that direction it makes our jobs SO MUCH EASIER.

Please take a look at the lime recommendations that we’ve made.  If we’ve suggested that we apply lime we sincerely hope that you’ll allow us to do so.

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