Spring weather is early this year!

Contrary to what happened last year, this year is completely different!

Healthy lawns start with good spring maintenance, which is the time when the ground is actually defrosting. It’s important to note that winter alters your soil pH, compacts the soil, and even creates favorable conditions for weeds and disease development and therefore it is important you clean properly, fertilize and control weeds earlier in spring. Be sure to address all of your lawn’s shortcomings early in the season before they become an issue later in the year.

Important steps in caring for your lawn this spring and why you should care….

The ground is defrosting and grass is beginning to grow and turn green. This will create a beautiful and serene landscape, and provide more than a lush outdoor carpet in your home. And if you think that this lawn has no benefit in your home, you should consider this. A well kept lawn can increase your property value by 15% to 20% – they improve curb appeal. Most real estate agents state that homes with well kept lawns and landscapes sell faster and have higher values. Moreover, properly maintained landscapes (according to property managers) lower the vacancy rates and increase the tenant satisfaction.

The lawns will serve as natural air conditioner. For example, you can compare the difference between standing on turf and on pavement during a hot day. The difference between comfort and temperature is quantifiable. Turf on eight average sized front lawns can have a cooling effect of over 70 tons of air-conditioning. This cooling is sufficient for at least 16 average homes. Moreover, turf traps smoke and dust particles from the air and will also act as a filter for the air you breathe. This is beneficial in the urban areas because the turf can trap the dust from cars and trucks and wash it down into soil therefore preventing any further movement.

Considering the lawn benefits, it is important you start caring for it earlier this spring. The following are some of the important steps you should adapt to develop the best lawn:

• Don’t delay in fertilizing

This spring, you should fertilize your lawn early. You can do it yourself or hire a professional but be sure that you have timed the fertilization regimen so that the lawns will exhaust the fertilizer before the hot summer weather onset. During summer, most of the cool season grasses will stop growing.

• Get a head start on weed control.

Early identification and immediate weed control will alleviate large scale problems. This is as simple as following a maintenance plan. You should start by identifying the lawn weeds that were an issue last year and taking preventative measures.  A pre-emergent control applied early in the season will go a long way.
• Consider hiring a professional

There are people who think that hiring professional lawn services isn’t necessary since they can do this work by themselves. But, there is much to this equation. Surely, you can take care of some aspects on your own. As a matter of fact, doing your lawn maintenance means that you will save some money. But lawn professionals are experienced in the field and can also offer various lawn services.

The professionals at Lawnmark Plus can provide you with a very nice lawn at an affordable cost.

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