Six Epic Spring Time Lawn Failures

Are you making them?

1. Don’t Jump the Gun
Right out of the gate, it’s important to know that “More isn’t always better.” The inclination is to load up the lawn with products that the lawn doesn’t really need. Your lawn is experiencing one of its most healthy phases about two weeks after it breaks dormancy. Both roots and shoots are growing at a tremendous pace and sometimes tinkering can interfere.

2. Don’t Over-Water
One of the worst things to happen to even the best lawns is the introduction of an unlimited supply of water. The rule of thumb is that you should water three times per week for 40 minutes per zone only when rainfall is not present. I repeat, “When rainfall is NOT PRESENT.” Remember the saying Aprils showers bring may flowers? If it’s raining—Don’t water! Don’t do it!

3. Don’t Bag Your Clippings
Your lawn wants to be fed naturally. Mulching the clippings back into the soil creates an additional source of nutrients, especially Nitrogen and the goal of any lawn care program should be to reduce inputs.

4. Don’t Over-Fertilize
Your lawn needs about half as much fertilizer as the fertilizer companies lead you to believe. The more you apply the more your lawn becomes addicted and needs even more.

5. Hold off on Seeding…if you can.
The temptation is hard to resist. Those bare spots that were filled with crabgrass last year are bare again this spring. The commercials on the radio are telling you to plant seed now. The truth is, Fall is the best time to seed and ninety percent of the time new seed won’t make it through the summer.

6. Don’t Worry About It!
Lawn care karma DOES EXIST. The more you stress out about it, the worse it’s going to get and it really isn’t all that bad. If your children, grandchildren or pets are happily playing on your lawn than you’ve got a lot to be thankful for!

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