Nine MAJOR Mistakes you CAN'T Afford to Make When Hiring a Lawn Service this Spring.IF you haven’t been contacted by Trugreen, Scotts, Lawn Dawg or any of the other local lawn care services yet this winter, just wait a few days and the direct mail and phone calls will begin to pour in on a daily basis.

Hiring a lawn care service is a much bigger deal that many of us have ever considered.

Have you ever thought about what kind of chemicals are being applied?

How about who will actually be on your property, especially when you aren’t home?

What about insurance?
Cost? Is everything included?
Will you need to be home?
What if they make a mistake?
Grub control?

This list goes on and on and to be honest it can get confusing. If you aren’t asking the right questions who knows what could happen.

Since we get asked all the time, “What makes you different than the other companies” we thought it would make sense to do a 20 minute live web seminar that explains what the most important things are when it comes to hiring a lawn care service.

You can watch the replay of this very informative session by clicking below.


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