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Why You Must Aerate and Seed Your Lawn!

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You MUST get your Aeration and Seeding Done NOW!!!!!  What the heck will aeration accomplish? Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil in order to break up soil compaction, allowing oxygen and water to get down to the root zone. The treatment is key to stimulating root growth and encourages the penetration of […]

Why we WILL NOT Leave you Alone about Compost


You may have noticed over the last few weeks we have been pushing our compost topdressing service more than we typically push any of our add on services. The reasons why adding compost to any crop, be it turfgrass or turnips, are so vast that sometimes they are hard to articulate in just a few […]

Lawnmark is Hiring


Lawnmark Plus is growing….FAST! We are currently taking applications for new team members in our growing lawn service division in Amherst, NH. We are looking to hire an individual that will provide service to our residential and commercial customers by making timely lawn applications.  We are also expecting a very busy second half of the […]

Just how Badly can you Mess Up Mowing your Lawn?


One of the biggest ways to completely screw up your lawn in a very short period of time is to mow it without any regard. Keep in mind that mowing your lawn is a violent process.  Lawn mowers are very heavy, gas powered machines with spinning weapons of mass destruction.  Any time you vary at […]

Love Your Lawn.

We are focused on two things — nurturing healthy, beautiful lawns as well as customer relationships! We want you to have an eye-catching lawn that is an inviting place to play, relax, and entertain. With the right plan to nurture, feed, and grow your lawn organically, you can get started loving it today!

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