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How Cedar Oil Keeps Ticks Off of Your Lawn


Eck! It’s that time of year again to protect you and your family from the dreaded tick—especially the deer tick. Even when there is  snow on the ground, ticks are still alive—though they pose a slight threat to you and your family. However, brief warm-ups do wake up these critters, and your children or pets […]

Contract Completion Report; City of Dover

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During the winter of 2015, Lawnmark Plus was approached to supply a bid to care for the turf of two sites in the City of Dover using our Organic program.  The city had been asked to dedicate two sites to an “organic conversion program” as a result of advocacy to reduce pesticides on public property […]

Looking for a Less Toxic Weed Control? Lawnmark Plus can Use Liquid Corn Gluten

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How Liquid Corn Gluten Works as a Pre-Emergent Weed Control Are you looking for an organic weed control product that works as well as, or even better than, conventional weed control? Then, you’re reading the right blog. Liquid corn gluten works just as well as traditional weed control products. But it’s also safe to use […]

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