If you’ve taken care of your lawn for any period of time you understand the chaos that ensues when somebody mentions grubs.  What?  You haven’t taken any preventative action to deal with grubs this year?  That may spell some trouble for you and there are a few things you need to know.

The damaging grub stage occurs in late summer after eggs hatch and new grubs feed aggressively on turf roots in late summer and fall. And odds are, if you had grub damage last year, there’s a good chance they’ll come back.  If you aren’t certain if you had grubs last year or the year before you may want to reach out to us.   Not only do we take all the guesswork out of grub control. We guarantee it works. That’s right, if you take our grub control treatment, we guarantee you won’t get grubs. And if you do, we’ll cover the damage! You can’t lose

A good strategy for controlling the grubs in your lawn is to get em when they’re young. The young grubs feed voraciously on the roots of your lawn in late July, August and September. This is when you want to gain the upper hand. There are two ways to do this. Wait for the signs of active grubs. Since they are below ground, you have to watch for them. The most obvious sign is when the grass looks drought stressed (remember, they are root feeders). Give the grass a tug and if it flops over like a welcome mat, you’ll see them in all their glory. Laying there. The classic ‘C’ shape of their bodies. Their little pincer mouth parts.  Other signs include birds and/or small animals feeding in your lawn. Once you know they are active, you need to hit them with a broad spectrum insecticide and goodbye grubs.  The good news is that we’ve got a product that will kill the grubs without any danger to you or your pets….it’s an organic grub control called “Grandevo.”

Whether or not you’ve taken preventative measures to control grubs in your lawn it’s a good idea to be on the look out for them because they can really make a mess of things.  Sometimes it’s best to leave your grub control strategy up to the professional.




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