Are your roots deep?

When it comes to fertilization we’ve made it relatively clear that fall is the absolute best time to make some progress with turf quality.  Fall is the best time to fertilize to develop and strengthen those roots. With cooler temperatures and shorter days, the top growth begins to slow and the nutrients are diverted to the roots. Roots will actually continue to grow until the ground freezes.

Fertilization during warmer temperatures in September elicit a wonderful response above ground in that your grass turns a dark green.  You have to mow with a little bit more frequency and the color can be stunning against the fall foliage.  Fall is an awesome time for your lawn.

After we have the first frost or when temperatures become a little bit more brisk your lawn begins to understand that the top growth should slow down.  But the root system really wants to stretch out in order to find as much nutrition as it possibly can.  The picture above is nice and colorful but it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Roots can extend much deeper than is shown and with an organic approach, if the soil’s micorherd is humming along your BeeSafe Lawn can develop a root system that could approach 8 to 12 inches very easily.

The microorganisms in the products that your BeeSafe Lawn Care Applicator applies are designed to “UNLOCK” the phosphorus that is stored in your soil but isn’t available to the plant due to issues with pH or solubility.  When phosphorus is abundant to your turfs root system it become much more strong and virile.  It absorbs and stores much more moisture and nutrition and the end result is a very healthy BeeSafe Organic Lawn.

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