Frequently Asked Questions

We start as soon as the soil temperatures are within label recommendations for the products we apply. Every year is a little different depending on the winter. Typically, we start the season between March and April. The end of the season depends upon weather, but typically falls between October and November.

Applications are done about every 4-6 weeks (with some exceptions).


For any liquid applications (whether fertilizer, weed control, mosquito or tick) we recommend staying off the lawn until the product dries, so you do not disturb the application. For granular applications, we recommend staying off the lawn until ‘the dust settles’. But, if you have small kids or pets and you want to water the application first that is fine too.

Our herbicides are systemic. It takes roughly 10-14 days for the plant to metabolize the active ingredient and disrupt its growth pattern. Although some weeds will require more than one application if they are well established, you will see weeds start to die off within 10-14 days after an application. We do guarantee our program for weeds by offering free service calls. Please let us know if you have weeds in between applications and we will come back to treat them.


We recommend setting your mower deck at a height of 3-4 inches and mowing every two to three days – the more frequently the better. Why so often?

Mowing is pruning. When pruning is done with intention it changes the growth of the plant you are pruning. Grass plants send growth hormones that promote vertical growth. When you prune properly it changes the hormones to promote horizontal, rather than vertical, growth. Proper mowing helps grass become thicker.

Bad mowing can harm your lawn. The worst thing you can do for your grass is to set the mower deck to the lowest it will go to get more time in between mows. When you remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time, it creates serious stress on the plant. The grass now must use its energy to survive instead of thrive. Those vertical growth hormones go into overdrive to recover from the amputations so you lose the thick carpet you may have created through proper mowing. In addition, your grass is less resistant to disease, insects and the impact of heat and drought.

Proper mowing, particularly during spring and fall when the grass plant is growing rapidly, is essential for a lush, healthy lawn.


Watering needs vary from lawn to lawn. Weather, soil composition, landscape and type of grass all affect a lawn’s individual water demands. We do always recommend watering in the early morning between 4 am and 8 am to avoid evaporation in strong sunlight.  Watering at night leaves the lawn wet for too long and can cause fungal issues.

Your watering habits have a direct impact on your lawn’s roots. Healthy turf has long deep roots. The deeper the root system is, the more drought, stress and disease tolerant your lawn will be. Watering frequently for short periods of time creates a short root system because roots grow up toward the water. To encourage downward growth, INFREQUENT but DEEP is the watering rule of thumb.

Most lawns need about two inches of water per week. We recommend letting Mother Nature do most of the work if possible. If there is no rain in the forecast, you can start with watering 1-3 times per week, 45 min per zone and see how your lawn responds. You can adjust your schedule over time based on your lawn’s response.

NO, your account stays active unless you cancel or change your services. We do not make any changes to your account unless you request them. We do run a “renewal” campaign at the end of the season to ask customers to confirm their services for the following season and confirm if they want to make changes, keep them the same, or cancel. This reminds customers to take advantage of our prepay discount and to make necessary updates. If you do not respond to renewal notices, your account will stay the same as the previous season and we will see you in the spring!

Yes!  Communication is key! We come out to your lawn about every 4-6 weeks. While our technicians are on your property, they will assess for any diseases, pests or weeds and address any issues. But a lot can change in between your scheduled visits. If you notice any changes to your lawn between applications, we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible.  Please notify us via email or text/call the office at 603-262-1215. Please reach out any time, any day with questions or concerns about your lawn. We will get a technician out to diagnose and treat the issue before the damage spreads further.

We send out informational emails throughout the season. We will let you know when the season is starting, how the weather is affecting lawns, if we are seeing any pest or disease increases, and any important updates. We also will notify you via email (unless you request a phone call/text) the day before we come out to do your application. If we need to reschedule your service, we will typically notify you by phone call. We may also send out texts to offer additional services if we are scheduled to come to your property. You can always communicate with us via email, text or phone. Get in touch.

We offer a $100 referral bonus to any customer who refers another customer. When your referral signs up, we will credit your account. We offer unlimited referral bonuses.

What Our Customers Say

“I signed up with Lawnmark Plus after a nightmare experience with another company. Should have done more research ahead of time. Lawnmark has been amazing customer service wise. They have also been prompt in treatment startup and they are also more reasonably priced than anyone around.”


“I started using Lawnmark Plus in 2014 after my lawn did nor recover in the spring after a harsh winter. This was not the case this last spring after an even harsher winter. My lawn has never looked better even during the current heat wave and the customer service from Tom and team has been outstanding.”


Trusted Partner

Lawnmark Plus is an authorized BeeSafe® Dealer and Applicator

We are proud to be the only organic lawn service in Southern NH certified and trained as an official BeeSafe® Lawns applicator. The BeeSafe® Lawn Care Program creates healthy lawns without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as control products.

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