6 Things to Consider When Hiring an Environmentally Conscious Lawn Care Company

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Spring is around the corner and you know it’s time to hire a lawn care service to take care of your property from March through early November. Yet, you want someone who is environmentally conscious.

When you hire a  lawn maintenance company that focuses on sustainable lawn care, you’ll notice some common characteristics. Here are the 6 tips to look for when hiring an environmentally conscious lawn care provider:

  1. They know how to naturally get a beautiful green lawn with few weeds. They achieve this by using natural fertilizers, core aeration and overseeding, among other smart yard care techniques. For example, they’ll coach you on smart mowing and irrigation methods to make your yard grass naturally resistant to disease and insects.
  2. They use sustainable lawn care techniques that heal your lawn as well as rehabilitate your soil. You know that the only way to have a truly healthy lawn with no weeds starts at the soil level. An environmentally conscious lawn care provider will start with a soil test, develop a plan that’s unique for your soil’s needs, balance the pH so the soil can house a healthy lawn as well other sustainable lawn care techniques. They also limit the amount of conventional products used on your yard.
  3. They use lawn products that are safe for your family and pets. When you hire an environmentally conscious lawn service, you know that you can trust the products that they put on your lawn grass. You know that they’ll only use products that are EPA approved and they put your family’s long-term health first.
  4. They can control weeds in your yard using natural or organic methods. A sustainable lawn maintenance company’s goal for your Northern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire lawn is to grow a healthy carpet of grass that leaves no room for weeds.
  5. They use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control damaging lawn insects. Gone are the days when a guy in a truck pulls up to your property and starts spraying all kinds of stuff on it to kill all of the bugs on your yard.


Instead, a sustainable lawn maintenance service uses organic products that don’t kill off beneficial insects as well as natural predators of destructive insects. They’re committed to using insect control as a last resort.


  1. They protect the pollinators that visit your lawn. Environmentally conscious lawn care operators are the first line of defense for the fragile pollinators that grace your lawn. They know the importance of these valuable critters and commit to not using any products that would harm them.

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Additional Lawn Care Services

Yet, you want a lawn maintenance company that will also use sustainable practices to keep your family safe from pathogen-carrying parasites as well as keep your lawn healthy. Services, such as

  • Flea and tick control to keep these harmful parasites away from you, your children and pets.

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  • Organic lawn care options because it’s important to you that all of the products used on your property are certified organic.
  • Preventative grub control because you know these little buggers will eat the root systems of your lawn—causing it to wither and die.

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Lawnmark Plus uses optimized and organic lawn care. You have a choice about which program best meets your family’s needs as well as takes care of your lawn grass at the same time.

If you’re ready to hire an environmentally conscious lawn care company to take care of your property this year, call us today 603-262-1215 or get a real time lawn quote.


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